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Reflective Dog Coats & Belly Bands

Stylish, Adjustable Dog Coats, Belly Bands & Collars made with 3M Retro-Reflective Designs 
Designed to be SUPER Visible in LOW LIGHT conditions - Dawn, Dusk, Fog or Rain.

The PROBLEM:  Your furry friend pestering you to go out for a walk? It always seems to be dark outside - early in the morning or late in the evening after work.  You're worried about the traffic and your dog getting hurt by a car that doesn't see either of you in time to avoid hitting you. Fear not – we’ve got you both covered!
The SOLUTION:  Protect yourselves with a Hi-Visibility Neon Reflective Dog Coat and matching Walking Vest or Reflective Safety Scarf for you. Walk with confidence knowing that you’re both visible day and night. Relax and enjoy – it’s good for both of you! 

Two dogs sitting in snow, one has HiVis Orange Dog coat on

Hi Vis Reflective Dog Coat

  • Summer Weight dog coats are made of light polyester with an adjustable neck and belly strap.

  • Winter Weight dog coats are made with a Water-Repellent polyester fabric with soft fleece backing.

  • Dog coats are comfortable for dogs with thin and medium fur coats but can cause overheating in dogs with Thick or Heavy coats.

  • Hi-Vis Belly Bands only cover a two to four inch wide area around the dog's belly, but give a driver a better chance of seeing your dog in the dark.

  • Easy Care: Wash gentle COLD only.

  • Hang to dry. Do not Iron, dry in dryer or dry clean.

  • Made in Canada.

Neon Reflective Dog Safety Coats are designed to give your dog optimal visibility in Night and LOW LIGHT conditions by embellishing Hi Visibility neon fluorescent coloured fabric with 3M retroreflective designs. Hi Vis Reflective fashion for dogs!

  • 3M Silver Reflective designs become HIGHLY VISIBLE at NIGHT by reflecting light from the glare of vehicle headlights to drivers from approximately 500 feet (150M) away.

  • Generous amounts of strategically placed reflective material are easiest for drivers to see. Both sides of this coat, and the collar strap under the dog’s chin are embellished with 3M reflective to help make your dog as visible as possible. 

  • High Visibility fluorescent colours appear about 200% brighter in daylight than conventional colours, ideal in low light conditions such as early morning Dawn, Dusk, Fog or Rain.

  • Studies have found that drivers consistently recognize fluorescent colours faster and from further away than standard colours; often responding to them as a hazard identifier meaning "caution" or "watch out".

  • Drivers need time to recognize and react to avoid colliding with you or your dog.

  • This coat could save your dog’s life! 

Two dogs smelling grass, one has HiVis Yellow Dog Coat on

Hi Vis Reflective Dog Coat

Colours: Available in Hi Visibility Yellow or Orange. Sewn with contrasting adjustable neon reflective straps. 3" Hook/Loop.

  • Sizes: All dog coats are Custom Made based on the these measurements.

  • 1.Back 2. Belly 3. Neck 

  • Small/Medium pricing applies if back length measures 16" (40cm) or less. 

  • Large/XLarge pricing applies if back length measures greater than 16" (40cm).

  • Hi-Vis Reflective Collars can improve the visibility of short haired dogs but are not as visible as Hi-Vis Belly Bands

No one can guarantee your safety but YOU can

give your dog a Reflective Advantage!

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