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Hi-Visibility Reflective Canine Collars & Belly Bands are designed to make it easier for drivers to see your dog in Night and LOW LIGHT conditions. A sturdy Hi-Visibility fabric band bonded with 3M Silver retro-reflective material could save your dog's life!

  • 3M Silver Reflective becomes HIGHLY VISIBLE at night by reflecting light from the glare of vehicle headlights to drivers from approx.  500 feet (150M) away. 
  • High Visibility fluorescent colours appear about 200% brighter in daylight than conventional colours.
  • Ideal in low light conditions such as Dawn, Dusk, Fog or Rain. 


Hi Visibility Reflective Dog Collars can enhance the visibility of short haired dogs but when longer hair or thicker fur cover these collars, drivers can't see them. Drivers can't see a reflective collar on a dog walking away from them because car headlights don't make visual contact with the reflective material. 

  • If a Reflective Collar is the best choice for your dog, simply measure the circumference of your dog's neck and enter it on your order. We always add extra length to the actual measurement to allow for changes in size due to grooming. 


A Canine Belly Band provides a larger area on the dog's body that doesn't bend as much as the neck giving the driver a better chance of seeing your dog.

  • Dogs with Thick, Long or Heavy fur coats can overheat in a full body Reflective Safety coat. Short haired dogs may also find them too warm in the summer.
  • Hi Vis Belly Bands only cover a TWO to FOUR inch wide area around the dog's belly which reduces heat build up but givies drivers a better chance of seeing your dog.
  • Two inch wide Belly Bands are more comfortable for small/medium type breed (ie.Terriers) than the wider width.
  • Four inch wide Belly Bands are more visible on larger breeds like German Shepherds, Huskies or those with long hair or heavy coats. 
  • All Belly Bands and Collars are adjustable and fasten with Hook & Loop.
  • Belly Bands can be easier to manage as they don't interfere with the dog leash.
  • Belly Bands are most comfortable when applied directly behind the front legs. Check to make sure that there is no skin irritation to your dog's armpits from the band. This also makes it easier for male dogs to pee and not wet the fabric band.
  • Colours: Available in Hi Visibility Yellow or Hi Visibility Orange.
  • Small/Medium pricing applies to 2" wide bands of any length up to 24".
  • Large/XLarge pricing applies to 4" wide bands of any length up to 36".
  • No one can guarantee safety. You could give your dog a Reflective Advantage!

Canine Belly Bands & Collars - Hi Vis Reflective

    • Hand or delicate wash COLD only. Hang to dry.
    • Do not iron or dry in the dryer. Do not Dry Clean.
    • Made in Canada.
  • Belly Bands were the result of problems that we had trying to take a good picture of two dogs (one short hair and one long hair) wearing Reflective collars, showing at the same time. It was obvious that if we could only see the reflective collar at very particular angles that it wouldn't provide reliable visibility at night. The attached photos demonstrate the problem. Thus the Belly Band was born!  

    Moving the retro-reflective material onto a larger surface - like the side of the dog's body, that wasn't subject to as much movement or being covered by hair could make it easier for the light of headlights to make visual contact with it and increase chances that a driver could see the dog at night. 

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