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Platinum or Stealth Reflective?
Which one is right for you? Not sure? Take the Quiz

The QUIZ: 

A) Are you comfortable standing out in a crowd in daylight?  Bold patterns and a little silver flash, no problem?

     Do you want to be as visible as possible at night?

     Then Platinum is your friend! The best and brightest 3M Silver Scotchlite Reflective!

B) Do you prefer to blend in with the crowd in daylight?  Are subtle, muted colours more your style?

     Nothing too bright but still visible and safe at night?
     Then Stealth Reflective is perfect for you. 3M's revolutionary new Carbon Black Reflective will be visible at night.

The ONLY thing that Really Matters is...
Will you wear it?  Will you love it?  It can't protect you hanging in the closet The best reflective products in the world can't protect you in the dark of night if they aren't handy - in your bag, backpack, purse or car.

Do the smart thing - protect yourself.
Most items available in either Platinum Reflective or Stealth Reflective. 

Platinum (3M Scotchlite Silver) appears bright silver in daylight and is commonly used in most construction and industrial safety vests.
It has an RA (Brightness) value of 500 about 40% brighter than our Stealth Reflective (RA value of 300).
Stealth (3M Carbon Black)  appears blackish/grey in daylight, muted and subtle on dark coloured fabrics. Used in designs where silver coloured Platinum  might look garish in daylight.
There are many factors that affect the brightness of retro-reflectivity including distance from light, strength of the light source and angle of light being reflected from a vehicle.
Pick a design you love, that's easy to wear
so you'll want to wear it  every night and never be invisible to drivers again!          


Give yourself a Reflective Advantage!


Be Seen...Be Safe.                                      


Design in Daylight          Reflective at Night

Platinum Reflective on edge trim and across middle.
Black circle discs are Stealth Reflective.

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