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About Us

Our mission is to create Reflective streetwear that is stylish in daylight yet becomes highly visible at night.  

We are committed to preventing pedestrian injuries and fatalities at night caused by drivers who couldn't see them.


A few simple accessories can elevate your current wardrobe to a whole new level of safety without compromising your style, comfort or having to part with your favourite jacket or coat. Our thoughtfully designed timeless classics can help you to be visible at night and give you peace of mind knowing that drivers can see you reflected in the glare of their headlights. This is not about 'pedestrian blaming' - simply taking practical steps to protect vulnerable road users until vehicle detection technology, infrastructure and road design catches up with the reality of pedestrian safety at night.


Hi-Visibility safety clothing has traditionally been designed primarily to protect construction workers or athletes in risky environments. There are very few stylish reflective options suitable for wearing in everyday life, like catching a bus to work in the early morning, going out for an evening on the town or walking the dog at night. 

Our products are designed to elevate the safety component of your current wardrobe in a mindful way that fits seamlessly into your life. Our designs are sewn in small batches in home-based studios in Canada.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. We believe in doing our part for the planet by using fabrics in the most efficient way possible to minimize waste, so we use dead stock, roll-end fabrics and notions whenever possible, recovering and rescuing materials that would otherwise have gone into the trash. Clothing has become so disposable that currently 80% of all clothing produced eventually ends up in landfill sites. Our part in reducing that is to make our designs as versatile as possible so they can be worn with several of your favourite coats and jackets -  extending their useful life. We also offer educational DIY sessions and share donated 3M reflective materials with community groups and events.

We can't guarantee your safety but we can offer you a Reflective Advantage!

Peace of mind that's Stylish by Day...Stunning by Night!


  What your eyes see in Daylight               


What a driver sees reflected in headlights at NIGHT    

Give yourself a Reflective Advantage! 
Be Safe...Be Seen...Be Visible

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