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Hi Vis Reflective Scarf

Neon Reflective Safety Scarves give you the BEST Visibility in NIGHT and LOW LIGHT conditions. 

  • 3M Silver bands above the fringes become Highly Visible at Night by reflecting light from the glare of vehicle headlights to drivers from approx. 1000 feet/300M. 3M Black designs are visible from approx. 300 feet/90M away depending on type of vehicle headlight, height of vehicle, weather & road conditions.

  • High Visibility fluorescent colours appear about 200% brighter in daylight than conventional colours - very effective and visible in Low light conditions such as Dawn, Dusk, Fog and Rain. 

  • Studies have found that drivers consistently recognize Hi-Vis fluorescent colours faster & further away than standard colours; often responding to them as a hazard identifier meaning"caution"or"watch out".  This scarf could save your life!

  • Generous amounts of strategically placed reflective material are easier for drivers to see. Drivers need time to recognize and react to avoid colliding with a pedestrian. Scarf must be visible from front and back sides of your body to be effective.

  • Designed and Handcrafted in Canada.

  • Wrap Reflective Cuffs around both wrists for extra visibility so drivers can recognize that you are a human - BIoMotion.

Hi Vis Reflective Scarf
in Daylight

At the Strathcona Market after dark. Visible and safe.

Hi Vis Orange
Reflective Scarf 
in Daylight


Hi Vis Yellow
Reflective Scarf 
in Daylight


Hi Vis Orange
Reflective Scarf 
at Night

Matching Scarf SETS  

20% OFF

Select images cost less to create in sets so we pass the savings on to you. 

Buy a matching set of TWO Neon Reflective Scarves with the same Image

 (Example: Moose images on one scarf & Cut out images of Moose on the other scarf). 

  • ONE Yellow Scarf + ONE Orange Scarf (Regular 39.99 Each = $79.99)

  • Matching Set: 20%  = $64.99 (Save $15)

Available In: Dog with Leash - Moose - Deer Antlers -  Terrier - Bowtie Cat - Horse Head

Hi Vis Reflective Scarves 
16 Unique Designs - Six available in
 matching Sets

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