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Walk with a Friend and Save $15

It costs us less to create some images in sets so we pass the savings on to you. Buy a matching set of TWO Neon Reflective Safety Scarves with the same Black Reflective Image (example Bowtie Cat & other side of cut out image of the Bowtie Cat).

ONE in Yellow + One in Orange and SAVE 20%

Each scarf Reg. 39.99 x 2 in a set = 79.99 - 20% = $64.99!


  • This Reflective HiVis Neon Safety Scarf is designed to give you optimal visibility in NIGHT and LOW LIGHT conditions. Hi Visibility fabric is embellished with 3M retroreflective designs.
  • 3M Silver bands above the fringes become HIGHLY VISIBLE at night by reflecting light from the glare of vehicle headlights to drivers from approximately 500 feet (150M) away, while the 3M Black designs are visible from approximately 300 feet (90M) away.
  • High Visibility fluorescent colours appear about 200% brighter in daylight than conventional colours, so they are ideal in low light conditions such as dawn, dusk, fog or rain. Studies have found that drivers consistently recognize fluorescent colours faster and from further away than standard colours; often responding to them as a hazard identifier meaning "caution" or "watch out". Drivers need time to recognize and react to avoid colliding with a pedestrian. This scarf could save your life!
  • Both sides of this scarf are embellished with 3M reflective material, so you can be visible to drivers at night coming or going, even if the wind flips the scarf over. Scarf must be visible from both the front and back sides of your body to be effective.
  • No one can guarantee your safety but we can give you a Reflective Advantage!
  • Available in HiVis Orange and HiVis Yellow.
  • No one can guarantee your safety but we give you a Reflective Advantage!

HiVis Bowtie Cat

    • Hand or delicate wash COLD only. Hang to dry.
    • Do not iron or dry in the dryer. Do not Dry Clean.
    • Polyester blend water-repellent fabric with a soft fleece backing. Approx. 5" x 58 (12.5 x 145 cm).
    • A pebbled appearance and/or small wrinkles are characteristic of some designs due to variations in fabric textures and does not affect durability of the scarf. Designs may vary slightly as each scarf is individually created with care.
    • We take pride in producing excellent quality products but cannot be held responsible for their use or applicatio