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 Hi-Vis Reflective Vests
for Dog Walking

Designed for  SUPER VISIBILITY at NIGHT and in LOW LIGHT CONDITIONS - Dawn, Dusk, Fog & Rain.

Do you dread those early morning and late evening walks in the dark with your four-legged friend?
Are you afraid that a car might not see you or your dog in time to avoid hitting either one or both of you?
It happens all too often. Too many sad stories from folks who didn't think it could happen to them!
Don't let it happen to you! Do the smart thin.  Make it easy for drivers to see you both.
Here's an easy solution!


Night Front View


Night Back View

Protect yourself with a Reflective Hi-Visibility Dog Walking Vest with 3M Silver Retro-reflective Designs that become HIGHLY VISIBLE at NIGHT by reflecting light from the glare of vehicle headlights to drivers from approx. 500 feet (150M) away!

  • Designed with 360° Visibility - Front/Back/Sides.

  • No batteries to replace - works 24/7 in headlights. 

  • Motion of 3M front ties help attract driver attention.

  • Made of easy care 100% light polyester.

  • Two large pockets.

  • Sized to slip over a coat, jacket or hoodie. 

  • High Visibility fluorescent colours appear about 200% brighter in daylight than conventional colours so they are very effective and visible in low light conditions such as Dawn, Dusk, Fog and Rain. 

  • Studies have found that drivers consistently recognize fluorescent colours faster and from further away than standard colours; often responding to them as a hazard identifier meaning "caution" or "watch out". 

  • Drivers need time to recognize and react to avoid colliding with a pedestrian. 

  • Generous amounts of reflective material make it easier for drivers to see you. This vest could save your life!

  • COLD delicate wash only. Hang to dry. Do NOT iron, Dry Clean or dry in Dryer.

  • Custom Reflective Designs available.

  • Matching Designs to Dog Coats available

  • Handcrafted in Canada.


Side Views at Night


Custom Design Sample

What People Say....
A neighbour stopped his car to say: "I could see you from two blocks away, as soon as I turned the corner - you lit right up like a Christmas tree - no way could I miss seeing you! Then I saw your dog's coat - couldn't miss that either even if he happened to run out into the street.  I really hate it when I can't see people walking at night until the last minute. I wish more people did what you're doing.                                                                      Irene D. Parkland County, AB


Shop our Hi-Vis Reflective Dog Coats. Custom made to protect your dog. 
Matching Vest and Dog Coats available.  Relax and enjoy your walk as much as Fido does - walking is good for everyone!



No one can guarantee your safety, but we can give you a Reflective Advantage!  

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