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Stealth Reflective Safety Scarves

Discrete blackish 3M Reflective designs in daylight hide a stealthy secret.
They become stunningly bright and 
Highly Visible when reflected in driver headlights!

IMG_2062 2.jpeg

Daylight View

  • This Stealth Reflective Scarf is embellished with stylish 3M retro-reflective designs that appear blackish/grey in daylight to blend discreetly into darker coloured fabrics.

  • Stealth Designs become stunningly bright and HIGHLY VISIBLE at NIGHT by reflecting light from the glare of vehicle headlights to drivers from 300' (90M) away, depending on type of headlight, height of vehicle, weather and road conditions. Generous amounts of strategically placed reflective material make it easier for drivers to see and react, to avoid colliding with a pedestrian. 

  • Both sides of this scarf are embellished with 3M reflective material, so you can be visible to drivers at night coming or going,  Scarf must be visible from both the front and back sides of your body to be effective.  This scarf could save your life!

  • Polyester blend water-repellent fabric with a soft fleece backing.

  • Designed and Handcrafted in Canada.

  • Wrap a Reflective Cuff around both wrists to make it easier for a driver to recognize you as a moving human person - BioMotion in action.


Reflective Night View

No one can guarantee your safety but we can offer you a Reflective Advantage!
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