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Reflective Wrap

Safety Wraps make you visible at night. Throw one over your shoulder to keep out the chill.

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Daytime Look


Night View

Reflective Safety Wraps are embellished with 3M retro-reflective materials which become stunningly bright and HIGHLY VISIBLE at Night by reflecting light from the glare of vehicle headlights to drivers. Available in Reflective Platinum or Stealth designs.

  • Platinum Designs appear metallic silver/grey in daylight and are reflective from approx. 500 ft. 

  • Stealth Designs appear blackish/grey in daylight, blend discreetly into darker coloured fabrics and are reflective from approx. 300ft.

  • Drivers need time to recognize and react to avoid colliding with a pedestrian. Reflective material is visible from all sides. 

  • Sewn in a sturdy knit (90% Cotton/10% polyester) that has been pre-washed for longer wear. Approx.  58 x 58” (145 x 145 cm).

  • Two 6” (15cm) long loops at the neckline make it easy to hang on a hook by the door. 

  • Wash Cold Gentle only. Hang to Dry. Do not iron, dry in dryer or dry clean. This Wrap could save your life!

  • No one can guarantee your safety but we can give you a Reflective Advantage!

Reflective at Night

Platinum or Stealth Reflective?
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