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This Reflective Safety Wrap is embellished with a stylish 3M Stealth retroreflective design that appears blackish/grey in daylight and blends discreetly into darker coloured fabrics.

Vesatile, causal cozy for relaxing, perfect coverup.

  • Stealth Designs become stunningly bright and HIGHLY VISIBLE at night by reflecting light from the glare of vehicle headlights to drivers from approximately 300 feet (90M) away. Reflective material strategically positioned to be visible from all sides is particularly effective when combined with the eye-catching movement of loose floating fabric in this wrap design.
  • Drivers need time to recognize and react to avoid colliding with a pedestrian.
  • This Safety Wrap could save your life!
  • No one can guarantee your safety but we can give you a Reflective Advantage!

Safety Wrap - Denim

  • Fabric Details:

    • Sewn in a sturdy knit (90% Cotton/10% polyester) that has been prewashed for longer wear.
    • Two 6” (15cm) long loops at the neckline make it easy to hang on a hook by the door.
    • Approximately 58 x 58” (145 x 145 cm)


    • Hand or delicate wash COLD only. Hang to dry.
    • Do not iron or dry in the dryer. Do not Dry Clean.
    • A pebbled appearance and/or small wrinkles are characteristic of some designs due to variations in fabric textures and does not affect durability. Designs may vary slightly as each scarf is individually created with care.
    • We take pride in producing excellent quality products but cannot be held responsible for their use or application. Although we use premium 3M retroreflective materials, similar to that used in industrial settings, our products are made Exclusively for Pedestrian Use and does not comply with traffic or construction design specifications.
    • Handcrafted in Canada
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