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This Neon Reflective Dog Safety Coat is designed to give your dog optimal visibility in Night and LOW LIGHT conditions by embellishing Hi Visibility neon fluorescent coloured fabric with 3M retroreflective designs. This coat could save your dog’s life!

  • 3M Silver Reflective designs become HIGHLY VISIBLE at night by reflecting light from the glare of vehicle headlights to drivers from approximately 500 feet (150M) away. Designs in 3M Black Reflective are visible from approximately 300 feet (90M) away. Both sides of this coat, and the collar strap under the dog’s chin are embellished with 3M reflective to make your dog as visible as possible.
  • High Visibility fluorescent colours appear about 200% brighter in daylight than conventional colours; ideal in low light conditions such as early morning dawn, evening dusk, fog or rain. Studies have found that drivers consistently recognize fluorescent colours faster and from further away than standard colours; often responding to them as a hazard identifier meaning "caution" or "watch out".
  • Colours: Available in Hi Visibility Yellow or Hi Visibility Orange. Sewn with contrasting neon reflective straps.
  • Summer Weight dog coats are made of a light polyester. Adjustable neck and belly strap. Comfortable for dogs with thin and medium fur coats but likely too warm for long-haired dogs.
  • Winter Weight dog coats are made of a Water-Repellent polyester with a soft fleece backing. Adjustable neck and belly straps. Comfortable for dogs with thin and medium fur coats but likely too warm for long-haired dogs.
  • Thick & Heavy Fur Coat Dogs: Try one of our Hi-Vis Belly Bands for enhanced visibility.
  • Sizes: All dog coats are Custom Made based on the measurements that you enter with your order.
  • Small/Medium pricing applies if back length measures up to 16" (40cm).
  • Large/XLarge pricing applies if back length is longer than 16" (40cm).
  • No one can guarantee safety. You can give your dog a Reflective Advantage!

Swish - Neon Reflective Dog Coat

    • Hand or delicate wash COLD only. Hang to dry.
    • Do not iron or dry in the dryer. Do not Dry Clean.
    • Measure your dog for a Custom fit:
    • 1) Collar to base of tail. (We always subtract a small amount from your measurement to allow for tail wagging space)
    • 2) Girth - the widest part of belly.
    • 3) Neck circumference.
    • A photo of your dog standing sideways is also helpful for placement of the belly strap.
    • Designs may vary slightly. Each coat is individually created with care.
    • Made in Canada.
    • We take pride in producing excellent quality products but cannot be held responsible for their use or application. Although we use premium 3M retroreflective materials, similar to that used in industrial settings, our products are made exclusively for non-Industrial use and do not comply with traffic or construction design specifications.
    • Handcrafted in Canada.
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