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This Reflective Infinity Scarf is made of a soft cozy polester fleece embedded with Platinum 3M Scotchlite reflective strips on both sides. These become stunningly bright and HIGHLY VISIBLE at night by reflecting light from the glare of vehicle headlights to drivers from approximately 500 feet (150M) away.

The 3M Scotchlite Strips on these Loop Scarves are "deadstock"  - machine ends from a local company who would otherwise send them to a landfill but donate them to us to upcycle into another safety product and reduce waste.

This very practical Reflective Infinity Scarf can be worn many different ways yet can be rolled up tight to tuck into your pocket or bag.


  • Sash Style over one shoulder under the other arm gives excellent visibility front and back
  • Doubled around head cozy earmuff style
  • Over ears and tucked around neck to keep wind out
  • Doubled around neck like a cowl collar
  • Long loop to front or back which ever way is best visible to traffic
  • Whatever is easy and comfortable - make it yours!
  • This Reflective Infinity Scarf could save your life if a driver can see you!
  • Approximately 8" wide x  30" long loop (60" sewn doubled).
  • Delicate cold wash only. Hang to dry, do not dry in dryer.
  • Made in Canada.

No one can guarantee your safety but we can offer you peace of mind with a Reflective Advantage!


Reflective Infinity Scarf

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