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A pair of Black Reflective Cuffs embellished with two strips of 3M reflective material become Highly Visible and Reflective up to 1000 feet away at night in the glare of vehicle headlights (varies depending on type of headlight, vehicle height and weather conditions).

Our brains are wired to recognize human form and motion from a very early age (Biomotion). Reflective material worn on areas of high movement such as wrists and ankles can attract driver's attention at night, signalling that you are a living breathing person to be noticed.​


Make it easy for drivers to see you and recognize your human movement. It could save your life!


Hand wash COLD delicate. Do NOT iron, dry clean or put in dryer. Adjustable size. Designed and handcrafted in Canada.

Black Reflective Cuffs - Double strip set

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