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      Are you safe walking at night?
Are you visible? Could a driver see you?  

NO?                      Oops!

We can help!
Hi-Vis Reflective Safety
Fashion for Pedestrians!


Stylish in Daylight ... Stunning at Night!

Thousands of Innocent Pedestrians are killed and 

seriously injured

every year


Drivers say:

"I didn't see them until it was too late to stop!"


"I didn't see anything I just heard a thump.

I'm so sorry!"

Protect yourself   with Stylish

Daytime Fashions that are stunningly

Reflective at


More is Better!
Reflective Designs become 
at NIGHT so
Drivers Can 

Be Clearly Visible

Be Obvious

Front, Back, Sides

Easy to See

Easy to Notice 

Be Conspicuous! 

Walk with 
Day or Night,
 Rain or Shine.
Be Safe...Be SEEN!
Your life
depends on it!

We understand ... it's really hard to find Reflective Protection for walking at night

that doesn't look like you're going to work on a construction site or for an athletic run.

We specialize in Reflective Wear that updates

your current wardrobe with stylish Reflective Safety

scarves, vests, ponchos, wraps and other accessories.

You shouldn't have to give up your favourite coat or jacket when - 

All you need to do is wear something reflective at night so drivers can see you.  

You can protect yourself and help our planet by slowing down consumption. Don't toss your faves (making them part of the 80% of clothing that ends up in landfill sites).

Just add something reflective to what you wear at night!  

Update your style, refresh your favourites. Do something good for you and the planet.

Be Visible and Safe at Night!

Every one of our Reflective Designs transforms into a Highly Visible, stunning display of 


Reflected in the headlights of oncoming vehicles.

Platinum Reflective Collection from a distance of approximately 500’ (150M)

Stealth Reflective Collection from a distance of approximately 300’ (90M)

Reflective Advantage Safety Collections


Reflective Ponchos

Platinum Scarves

Metallic Scarves

Reflective Metallic Scarf

Reflective Dog Coat
& Belly Bands

Dazzling Elegance

Reflective Neon Scarves

Reflective Wraps

Stealth Scarves

Loop Scarves

Reflective Dog Walking Vest

 Ultimate Reflective
Hi-Visibility Scarf

Platinum or Stealth Reflective?
Which one is right for you? Not sure? Take the Quiz

What People Say about us...

John K - Dog Owner
St. Albert, AB

We walk our dogs

every evening. It's always tricky to keep an eye out for cars. We bought a

Reflective Dog Coat 

for both dogs - so cute!

Easy to see in the dark.

Just point the flashlight 

at them and they

light right up.

My wife couldn't resist the Reflective Safety Poncho. She loves it and wears it all the time. Comfortable, 

perfect  over jeans,

better than a hoodie! SO practical - it's about time

someone came up with this!

Robert G., Toronto, ON

My parents go for a walk

after dinner every night, 

rain or shine, light or dark.

They're always careful

to look out for cars

but have had few close calls.

They're hard to shop for - got all the stuff they'll ever need.

Well, I found the perfect gift.

I bought one of your  

Reflective Safety Scarves

 for each  of them.

They love the designs and wear them all the time now.

They say it's the best gift they've been given

in a long time!

Thanks - great idea!

Melanie R - Student Teacher
Edmonton, AB

I've always been nervous  about taking public transit to work when it's

dark outside,

especially with icy roads.

I was never sure if the

bus driver would be able

see me at my stop.

Now I see the bus slowing down a block away.

The driver says he couldn't possibly miss 

the shine from the

Black Reflective Vest

wear over my winter coat

in his headlights. 

Thanks for making

me feel safe .

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No one can guarantee your safety
but we
 can offer you peace of mind with
a Reflective Advantage!

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